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Soon I will update the agenda with the planning of group sessions

for the autumn of 2020.




GRATIS SESSIE van 30 minuten
Op afspraak.
Zoom/Skype of telefonisch
Op afspraak.
Zoom/Skype of telefonisch

Linda is a coach who takes the lead, it says. Is clear and maintains good contact with those on the floor. Observes and sees what is happening. Makes a relaxed impression, radiates tranquility.

Dance coaching with Linda: Investigating how something moves or is stuck in me. Sometimes confronting and scary. Then softening and free again. Each and every one of these was sessions that continued to work and provided a lot of insight. Linda is so pleasantly present! Supportive without overpowering. She follows and leads. Super safe while she also manages to get me out of my comfort zone. I am grateful for my sessions with her!
I think that you as a coach take the lead, you are there. Are clear

When you have no words for what you feel, or when it is difficult to get to your feelings ... then Linda is a fantastic help with an alternation of dance and conversation. I thought it would be most uncomfortable to dance and be "watched". But because of the way Linda is present during a session, I may have only noticed for a few minutes. Linda creates a pleasant, safe setting in which you can easily be yourself. Is there something stuck in you? Then I would say, 'get it moving at Que Linda Style.'

Recently I experienced dance coaching with Linda for the first time. A very good experience! I had been walking around with a number of questions for a while and we started working on one of them. Where in your mind you sometimes seem to walk in circles, the dancing and moving to music and the coaching help you to literally feel what you may already know, but could not yet name. If you recognize this, send her a message and see what she can do for you. I was positively surprised by the insights I now have!

It was a very nice session with Linda. And especially because Linda felt, understood and really understood what I needed without words. And so nice not to have to talk for a while. I felt free to move. Afterwards I felt my body much better and I felt lighter, freer.
Because of the way Linda gives the session I feel seen and I gained more self-confidence.

It was about me, really about me and Linda provided the safety needed to take off a piece of mask. Linda radiates that what is behind it, she wants to see that, that what it is may be there. Very special and it really helped me that we entered it together. I didn't feel lost. And yet it was all about me.

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