Dancing allows me to embrace

my body and it expresses

what I can not say

It really unlocks the box inside

where I hide my joy

- Linda de Rijk -


Wat de vraag ook is DANS is het antwoord!

- Linda de Rijk - 


My name is Linda de Rijk and I started dancing at a young age.


I danced ballroom, Latin American dances, flamenco, zouk and salsa. First LA salsa, but soon thanks to a trip to Cuba the Cuban salsa. The Cuban salsa / dance styles and culture have touched me deeply from that moment on and are part of it

become my life.


Dancing is my passion . When I dance I feel free , I feel happy and I am really one with my body .

I know only too well from my own experience that sometimes there are no words for what you feel.


Dance and music are essential for me to feel and have helped me in my personal development . I come and find out again and again that whatever the question is, DANS is the answer!


For five years I danced in the demo team of Jorge Gomez from dance school El Son Cubano in Groningen and later in the (girls) formation 'Las Chicas del Son'. In 2017 we became 2nd at the NK Salsa with this formation in the teams category. We have performed at various (international) events and festivals with both teams.


In my spare time, I visit one of the many salsa festivals that are organized at home and abroad, if possible. Of course to keep developing myself but also to share the passion!


About the logo:

Que Linda Style literally means translated from Spanish what a beautiful style.

And I'm not talking about my style, but about yours!


The colors of the Netherlands and Cuba are incorporated in the logo.

Cuba because of my love for Cuban dances and culture.


The letters and logo of the dancing woman are accompanied by words such as:

stylish , graceful , complete , in motion and freedom .


About what do I want:

  • Dance for everyone regardless of the body's capabilities.

  • Dance as a means of communication.

  • Expressing, sharing and giving a place to emotions and experiences through dance.

  • I want everyone to have the freedom to dance, wherever.

  • That by dancing you will feel freer and more confident on the 'dance floor' and beyond. The effect of dance goes much further than the 'dance floor'.


About how I do that:

  • I give you options, show you new options and challenge you! It is entirely up to you to choose what to use.

  • I share my dance and life experience with you. I will take you into my passion for dancing. Both as support and only when it fits.

  • I get you moving . In a space that is safe .

  • My goal is always dance and movement. It is not a matter of right or wrong. It's not about beautiful or in size. But it is about movement, however small it may be. And through the movement to get back in touch with your body.

  • I want to teach you how good dancing is for your health . And that this will continue for days. I believe in dance and movement. Sometimes that is very nice and sometimes difficult and complicated. That is part of it. In the long run, there are many benefits for your health, both physical and mental.

  • During dance and movement coaching you choose how far or deep you want to go. However, when I notice that you need a 'push' I will offer you that. The choice is yours. We don't do anything you don't want to. But you will come to me if you want to get serious and want to move. I am not afraid to name what I see and nothing is too crazy!


In short, with my passion for dance I want to ignite you even if you have never danced before.

  • Here you also have the right answer to the question should I be able to dance? You can already do it because if you can move you can dance. I work a lot with dance expression.


I don't see myself as much as a teacher but more as someone who dances with you.

If someone you can dance with in an equal , respectful way, is allowed to dance.

You can be who you are, become who you are with your own beautiful style. Show me!








whatever the question is DANCE is the answer! © 2020 by Que Linda Style